Sunday, 16 October 2005

needlefelt doll

I've just arrived home from a very busy three day workshop, Birgitte is a lovely lady and excellent teacher, we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, our dolls all have a bit of fine tuning to be done - mine needs the toes on one foot and nipples and a few more kilos added to her weight, I wanted her to be very voluptuous, Birgitte showed us how to put clothes on the dolls, but no-one really reached that stage, I don't think I want to cover up all the curves on my doll.

I really love this medium - it could become my new "thing".....sigh......

Oh and of course I need more wool, you apparently needlefelt with a coarse wool like corriedale, merino is too fine and slippery......sigh.....

needlefelt doll

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