Tuesday, 18 July 2006

fabric books - what not to do

I had a little production line going, a stack of pages in progress to one side of my sewing machine.
To save rethreading the machine, I was going through each page and sewing all the red thread, then again with all the brown threads etc.
I got so carried away at one stage that I didn't notice I'd picked up two pages and I managed to satin stitch them both together, EEEEKKK!!!!
(well, I said something a little stronger than eeeekk)
fabric book page
the top page was OK, I just had to unpick and restitch along the same lines, but the bottom page was left with a row of tram tracks right through my coffee cups and up the bodice of the girls dress

fabric book page - what NOT to do

I was able to cover the lines through the dress with sequins but not the other unpicked lines, so I decided to keep this page for myself.

I was at the stage where I couldn't face the idea of painting another page!!

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