Tuesday, 28 November 2006


I was going through some files on the computer and came across these sketches that I scanned in some time ago.
It's been so long since I sketched anything, I look at these and doubt I could do even this now. I need to get back to regular drawing.

elfgirl sketch



and this was a sketch of one of my mermaid dolls, the others look a bit teen/goth, but I was quite pleased with the mermaid

mermaid sketch

this is one of my mermaids I was trying to draw:



arlee said...

love the drawings, particularly the doodly details---very satisfying!--i should get back to it too---especially with power outages and snow happening here---ya can still draw by candlelight :}

Grangry said...

Oh, the mermaid is gorgeous. I do like your blog, just found it by way of Inaminuteago.

Erica said...

Arlee we are having blackouts here too, but no snow, it's the heat with everyone using their air conditioners at once and a state government that has failed to plan ahead - but that's another story....
the drawings were very influenced by Aubrey Beardsley, I love the way his B&W drawings are filled with pattern

Kay susan, hope you'll come back again, I got quite a thrill seeing my name on Inaminuteago this morning

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