Friday, 5 January 2007

The Fairy Tree

.......or how to waste and hour or two with paintshop.
When Glenda starts whipping up some hot spells, the fairy folk gather to watch the action.

The fairy tree

We went to see Eragon today, having read both books I was looking forward to the movie but was disappointed with it...I thought the main character was weak, Rachel Weisz made the dragon sound a complete woose, and compared to the book the film script was corny and the acting hammy.

I know you can't cram every event in a 500 page novel into...what? hour and half?... (seemed longer) but the story was ripped to shreds and there was no character development (fortune teller Angela was lucky to have 1 minute to roll her eyes back and predict Eragon's future, Murtagh (Garrett Hedlund), a major character in the book, had slightly longer...probably all of five minutes to save Eragon's life and utter a dozen words which left you thinking who the hell is he, no sign of the complex betrayed character he plays.

Brom (Jeremy Irons)and bad guy Galbatorix (John Malkovich)were good despite the odds. The dragon was well done - the CGI apparently by WETA of LOTR fame, but if Christopher Paolini really wanted to do his incredibly good books justice, then he should have gone all the way and given it to Peter Jackson.
The ending made it obvious that a sequel is planned but if the same script writer and director are working on it, I don't think I'd bother seeing it.

If you like dragons, do yourself a favour and read the books, but give the movie a miss.

Next one I'm looking forward to is Pan's Labyrinth

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Megan said...

I love it - too clever by half. Got your email about coming to visit with Lesley - I have reopened now so call in anytime. You'll have to check out the Fairy Houses book for some more inspiration.


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