Thursday, 5 April 2007

ATASDA pieces

I am such a DILL!!!
I got my dates mixed up with my groups,

ATASDA is asking members to make a 15cm (6") square piece of work for display at the Darling Harbour quilt show at end of June. The theme is "Rites of Passage" which we can interpret as personal, spiritual or where our craft journey has taken us.

I chose a spiritual theme using the triple goddess in my piece as (having had my BIGGIE birthday last Saturday) I feel I can now claim to all three, maid mother and matriarch. (won't use the C word, I have friends who object to being called a crone VBG)

For some silly reason I can't explain, I got it into my head that they had to be ready for the Sydney Easter Show and I was to hand them in at yesterdays meeting.
So I sat up til 1am putting a border and backing on them because (as usual with me) I left everything til the last minute.

When I found out I still had a couple of months I wanted to take them home again to do more to them, but the ladies talked me out of it, saying they were fine as they are and I would only "fiddle" if I took them home.
I still might make something else for it, using the craft journey idea.

Rites of Passage

Rites of Passage

Rites of Passage

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Anonymous said...

These pieces are great Erica! and you're right to leave them just as they are. I particularly like the serene faces on the top piece.

Anonymous said...

what Brenda said, although I really like the B&W one too.

Erica said...

thank you both, it is nice to have it out of the way SO early :)

Digitalgran said...

I love them all erica. Wonderful use of the topic.

Dianne said...

These are all fantastic!! I can't even pick out a favourite - love them all!!

Sandra Wyman said...

I love these Erica - wonderful way of presenting the ideas. BTW Thanks for visiting my blog and belated congrats on your 60th too!

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