Friday, 30 November 2007

The tale of an ocean

I think I've shown this perspex book here before, but I've just put the photos together in movie maker, and added music - Windows movie maker is a really basic programme but it's been very interesting (well, for me anyway, because I'm so nerdy!!) I've learnt how to crop and splice music clips and add them to the movie along with titles.

...AND you can listen to the mellow vocals of Australia's new minister for environment, heritage and arts....with added seagulls

EDITED: sorry this video was removed because YouTube wrote to me and pointed out I was breaching copyright by using the music - even though it was a very tiny grab and I gave full credit, I thought it would have fallen under the fair use policies but apparently not.


Janine Davies said...

Awesome book Erica...

Dijanne Cevaal said...

I love this Erica-really like all your work. I went to uni with Peter Garret- though he was a few years ahead of me in law school!

And your coral variations are superb- so dimensional - make mine look flat!

Erica said...

thanks Janine,
Dijanne, thank you, I'm pleased that you like my work because I am a big fan of yours :)
it would have been interesting to know the young Peter (not that he's old now)

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