Monday, 14 January 2008

Miniature book

my photo a day shot for Jan 12, 2008

#12/366 for Project 365+1, originally uploaded by gramarye.
Took the small person to Fairfield Museum in Sydney, this is part of their permanent local history display.
I thought it had a steam punk look about it

I've written about a previous visit to the museum here on my old gardening blog

my photo a day for Jan 13, 2008

aahhh, Sunday morning, nothing like curling up with coffee and a good book!

#13/366 for Project 365+1

My friend Gail, from our miniatures group, makes these miniature books.
She writes the stories so she has no problem with copyrights, prints them, binds with hardcovers using a traditional bookbinding method, prints the end papers and dust jacket.


Unknown said...

Sweet! I love miniatures. I have a miniature Bible on my shelf.

Erica said...

thanks Eve, a bible would be quite a task to make in miniature, that's one long book!

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