Monday, 7 January 2008

a photo a day

Not sure if I should move these daily photos to their own blog, and get this one back to being my craft work - what do you think, I guess someone is still reading???

#6/366 for Project 365+1

oh how quickly the novelty wears off - day 6, 11.15 pm, still need todays photo and I'm just sitting, staring at the keyboard

#7/366 for Project 365+1

....and grand-daughter is staying for two weeks


shula said...

Still reading.

Erica said...

VBG thanks Shula

Anonymous said...

Photos are inspiring - it would be a shame to move them off to another site!

Erica said...

thanks Caity, I really don't like chasing around when people have several blogs so I think I'll leave these here, hope I can keep it up, quite a challenge and it's not even 2 weeks!

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