Thursday, 3 January 2008

More Plastic

After my post about the plastic killing fields in the ocean, I stumbled just by chance, following links as you do (and a catchy name always gets me in) and found myself at Plastic Fish

How I followed this is one of those convoluted stories, I am in a fabric fish round robin....don’t ask....and I was getting desperate for some inspiration.

Instead I found an anti-plastic crusader, documenting each piece of plastic that comes into her house each week and actively finding ways to avoid using it.

She lists such things as:

Plastic blister packs
Wine bottle corks
plastic shipping label envelope from a Christmas gift delivery.
pieces of plastic packing tape, also from a Christmas package delivery
plastic cable ties
plastic lids on cleaning products
plastic wrapper from a packet of movie tickets bought as gifts

she also writes of separating the components of packaging so they can be recycled:
“...container is 100% recycled polypropylene except for the metal rim, which I had to cut off with a saw and metal cutters, in order to recycle the plastic. Containers made from mixed materials are not recyclable unless you can separate the components. Without the metal rim, I'm hoping the plastic container will be accepted by San Francisco's program. At least, it was not made from new plastic.”

Here’s her list of plastic free changes she has made so far to her life

one of the things she avoids is drinking straws which reminded me of this journal entry I made after going to the movies with my daughter years ago (ahead of her time, the child was!)

journal page

while we all think about the big things, could we be so dedicated to avoid the little things like this? I’d certainly like to try but not too sure I could keep it up.

(BTW - I’ll show some of the fish round robin next week when the swappers get together)

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