Saturday, 27 December 2008

how I spent the nights before Christmas....

After all the bugs and beasties and spiders I've photographed in my yard, you'd think I'd have more sense than to plunge my bare hands into a pile of leaves to plop in the compost bin, or even to move a chair on friends webby verandah without looking under it - because somewhere between compost and verandah something bit me.

It didn't hurt straight away, not til that night when my finger swelled to small balloon size and woke me at 4 am throbbing with pain...spent the day with it in ice water then went to the medical centre where doc thought I'd probably stuck something in it - (yeah, where?? no marks, no entry point, no red dots)

After a week on antibiotics and not being able to touch finger (which had to be the right index of course) and probing with a needle (just to see what I could find) my skin went numb.

Two days before Christmas, too busy to go back to doc, Christmas day the skin split and started to peel, not a good sight when dishing out the pudding. This is when we decided it must have been a bite, not a thorn.

Now I have an almost completely peeled top off my finger, and a rash from the antibiotics.

If you are really brave and haven't had lunch yet, you can see my very gross peeling finger here
(if I've linked correctly - if not, then it's probably just as well you can't see it VBG)


Jackie said...

I WAS feeling brave and had a look...but I feel a bit queasy now!
Hope its soon better. You live in dangerous territory!

Ann Christy said...

Bad luck - hope your finger is better soon. I am a bit of coward - not brave like my friend Jackie - I didn't take a closer look - I will just take your word for it!!!

Erica said...

thank you both, the fingertip is feeling fragile with it's new layer of skin but hopefully will toughen up soon, it's very awkward working with my index finger in the air VBG, Jackie things aren't really that dangerous, I think I'd become a bit blasé but will be wearing my gardening gloves in future

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