Thursday, 1 January 2009

Embroidered pottery

I need a project for 2009 – slow cloth – something to pick up and put down with no pressure and no deadline.

This week I sorted through my old TAFE college notes from the ceramic certificate I completed in...1980 something...

stoneware vase

I knew even as I dumped notes in the recycle bin that I would find a need for molecular formula (I can’t even believe I once knew how to do it!)
One of my potter friends keeps her notes just to prove to herself that she once had a brain.

Threads started running around my head..

Memories – digging pits for blackfiring – pulling glowing red hot pots from raku –

...building a bourry box kiln in the grounds of the college and sharing salt firings with the class mates who became my friends for the next 30 years (plates of food and a flagon or two set the tone for firings to come)

...staying up til 3am cursing the cone that took forever to bend.

...the excitement of cracking the door of a still hot kiln because I just couldn’t wait any longer for it to cool

...the oohs of a good firing and the aargh of a bad pot (always the one pot already spoken for)

my pottery

...and I recalled saying as I stacked yet another kiln –
“If this was sewn it would be finished now, I don’t have to fire fabric!!”

and that is when IT came to me – I could embroider my pottery – well, not the *actual* pottery, images of it, not sure how but ideas are flowing and it WILL come together - (and who is to say NOT the *actual* pottery, who knows yet)

I’m going through my ceramic textbooks and sketching and photographing, and wondering about staining cloth with oxides (thought of this when I was rust dyeing but didn’t get around to testing it)

I think this will be a good year.


Paula Hewitt said...

this is a great idea- looking forward to see how is develops. i like your friends idea for remembering she once had a brain. sometimes i look at the bookshelf and wondered when in the past i was such an intellectual :)
paula from grassy arse farm

Judy said...

Hi Gramarye,

Never commented before, relate to the translation of pottery images to fabrice, fibre etc been rotating in my brain since close pottery studio in 1987.

Erica said...

Thanks Paula, I'm feeling quite inspired!

Judy, so pleased that this prompted you to comment, I'd love you to bring some of your ideas to life and show them to us.

jude said...

oh! watching this one.....great crossover idea!

Erica said...

Jude thank you, sorry I missed this earlier

arlee said...

ERICA!!! What a great great great concept!!!!!

Erica said...

thanks Arlee, I have no idea yet where it is going but that's half the fun isn't it!

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