Wednesday, 28 January 2009

What If Wednesday - melting moments

Wow, Wednesday came around again so quickly!

I thought I'd stay with things that melt and show what happens when you iron cellophane paper.
This is the heavy type of cellophane used by florists to wrap flowers.
Place between two sheets of baking paper and iron, experiment with heat settings and length of time (usually only a matter of seconds)
Although it doesn't give off the fumes like tyvek I'd still advise a well ventilated room.
After the bubbles have formed on the paper you can brush over a metallic paint.
Whilst you get a similar appearance to tyvek, these papers are not as hard wearing but can be easily stitched to fabric by hand or machine.
Don't overdo the machine stitching as it could cause the paper to rip away easily.

The reverse side with the bubbles down also has a nice texture when brushed with a little paint.

The next piece was silver cellophane ironed then free machined onto a piece of tulle, the tulle was cut away in sections leaving open lacework of machined stitching.

Next was a cellophane Doritos packet, ironed, stitched and painted.

not paper but tin, this was a piece of heavy aluminium foil, flattened and hammered to create texture. We held it over a flame which was supposed to give the metal an anodised look but mine just went black. Machine stitched to fabric. Probably not a good way to treat your sewing machine as it was very heavy going, if you try this, keep your blunt machine needles just for doing this.....if they weren't blunt before, they will be after!


Cecile said...

Nice pictures, gives you a good idea of what you can get. I think I need to keep florist's papers now !

Cecile, in France

Erica said...

that is always the problem with something new - more things to collect!

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