Saturday, 7 February 2009

New curtains and cushions

Oh waily, waily, waily,
it's SO HOT!!
....and everyone from UP THERE keeps posting their snow pictures!

I decided to tough out the heat in my sewing room and make a new kitchen curtain - none of the squares line up because it was too hot to measure the window first, (well that's my story) I just kept adding bits then holding it up to the window.
I'ts really hard to get used to not looking straight out the window so I added a couple of lace squares as little spy holes - and it stops short of the sill so I could show off my teapot collection.

my new kitchen curtain

then I remembered some UFO cushion covers started yonks ago, so I finished them off by adding the back and some inserts and ticked that off my list!



Donna said...

what a beautful bright and cheerful curtain... bound to bring lots of sunshine to your days :-)

Zoya said...

The reverse is also true - it is so cold here and everyone under there keeps on posting their summer photos.

Love the curtains - very clever idea with adding lace bits.

Zoya said...

Just heard about the deathtoll from the bush fires. So hard to believe that some of them were lit deliberately.
Hope you'll get a cold change soon with lots of rain.

Erica said...

Fioleta, our turn will come and I'll be complaining soon about the cold!

Watching the fires on TV has been horrendous, they've arrested two people for starting the Sydney fires, one of them only 15.

Christine said...

Erica, just catching up on your blog entries. LOVE the cushions, so bright and cheery. I think I need to make some for the new grandkids, they'd love them.

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