Wednesday, 4 March 2009

slow cloth and practical pottery #7

I'm still working on the "thunder of the gods" piece but think it may have gone as far as it's going - I'll put it aside for now (but you haven't seen the last of it)

Meanwhile I whipped up a log cabin, love the logs, they go together so fast, even faster when you don't measure or worry about straight seams!
The colours put me in mind of the red heat of a kiln and the dark bricks and smokey atmosphere of a reduction firing, so I played this by ear and just stitched

low fired stitchery project

low fired stitchery project

ripples of heat haze

low fired stitchery project

and the flames rise higher

low fired stitchery project

low fired stitchery project

low fired stitchery project


Anonymous said...

I looooove this piece. The piecing is wonderful, but the stitched flames are my favorite (of course). I love to hear about the way people follow a project where it seems to want to go.

Nancilyn (Fiberdabbler) said...

Phenomenal! Incredible stitched effects.
I love it. You really took a wonderful pieced work and stitched it into WOW!

Linda Branch Dunn said...

Wonderfully rich color and texture

Erica said...

yikes where does time go - belated thank you ladies, glad you are enjoying it

jeanne herself said...

i love this piece and this idea. love it. you've inspired me to dig out those pieces of pottery broken on its way out of the kiln and find a way to (finally) incorporate them in a clothwork piece.

if i can find them. (we've just moved. they may not have made the cut.)

either way, i'll thoroughly enjoy watching this progress.

Paula #870 said...

this is phenomenal

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