Friday, 8 May 2009

miniature hexagons

Time to get back to something textiley -
I spent last weekend at the Sydney Miniatures Show (will post some pics in the next day or so)
Some of the miniature needlework on display and for sale was exquisite. I can't say mine was anywhere near their standard, but here are a couple of quilts started yonks ago and never quite finished (sigh....why is that not surprising)

miniature hexagons

This method is usually referred to as 'English Patchwork’. A most used shape is the hexagon, assembled by tacking patches over paper templates, then over-sewing the edges together.

Mal has been showing some of her hexagons here - Mal could easily join the exquisite ranks, she mentions using a ladder stitch to join the pieces, and you can't even see her stitches, unlike my hens teeth overcasting.

I really do admire fine needlework, I could probably do it if I set my mind to trying, I just always seem to be in a hurry and hurrying doesn't gel with fine work.

miniature hexagons

miniature hexagons

miniature hexagons

I'm not sure what I'll do with this last one, it started to sprout in all directions at once, not at all 'quilty'

miniature hexagons


Unknown said...

Your very cleva, that looks like such delicate work, i'd just frame that at it is cause it looks lovely. lol

Malissa said...

I LOVE the way yours are coming together! The colors and the way it's growing is just so organic. I love it. Seriously.

Paula #870 said...

absolutely love this...beautiful colors and design...I agree with Mal...frame it.

jude said...

always loving tiny pieces.

Erica said...

thank you everyone

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