Friday, 15 January 2010

A Drawing a Day and Avatar

We went to see Avatar.
I'm a little speechless.
I've seen some 3d movies before but this was AMAZING.
So were the creatures, and the forest plants and the characters and the war machines, so stunning and visual and just simply AMAZING.

A warning though, my husband felt really nauseous from the 3d effects, they didn't worry me but he was sweating and couldn't wait to get out of his seat, I thought he was imagining it but googling later I found a lot of people who had the same thing.
He suffers from some middle ear damage and gets very seasick on boats so maybe it's similar.

I also didn't know until we saw the trailers, that Alice in Wonderland is also going to be in 3D, can't wait for that one - I might have to go on my own, or give the old man a sea sickness pill first.

I may be drawing creatures for some time
A Drawing a Day 2010


Christine said...

DH and I saw it 3D Gold Class (gift from kids) before Christmas. We both wear spectacles. I found it a bit dizzying at times (suffer from vertigo) but because we were distracted by food and I did a loo run, I found it OK. Plan to see again, so will be interesting to see difference without distractions! I aggree about the movie though, hope they will lots of awards with it, loved Sam too.

Erica said...

Hi Christine,
yes I have a dislike of heights and a few times I got the familiar tingle in my legs that I get looking down from tall places. I'm afraid if I settle DH into gold class he'll fall asleep!

Amelia said...

wow - amazing drawings! I have still yet to go and see this film bit really, really want to!


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