Wednesday, 13 January 2010

A Drawing a Day

New Years eve I pulled out this lovely big thick bound sketch book that I'd bought from Borders for a song!
I actually bought two of them, that's how good a song it was.

fear of the blank page

I was all ready to start sketching on the first day of 2010.

Bright and early I started with a pen doodle, just something swirly and easy to get things flowing.

Horror! my pen showed right through the other side of the paper.
I hadn't given a thought to the thickness of the paper, what on earth do people use in thin-papered sketchbooks.

I tried a water colour wash on a page, aaaargh!! it buckled like a piece of tyvec under an iron.

I tried pencil drawing, OK, but I don't WANT to do a whole year in pencil.

I could just draw on one side of the page and leave the other bleeding through and blank, but I don't WANT to draw on one side.

I WANT to open my book and have THINGS on all the pages, front and back.

Oh, the angst!!

My big, thick, juicy (and don't forget extremely cheap) blank book is back in the cupboard and I'm drawing in a 110 gsm sketchpad which could ideally be thicker again, but it will do for now.

Sometime later that day I redid my swirly doodles, these are great to do while listening to TV

A Drawing a Day 2010

and the next day I did another
A Drawing a Day 2010

and then, carried away with the bliss of doodling, I did a week of them

A Drawing a Day 2010


Brenda said...

Ah the seductive promise of a new journal. My studio is strewn with journals that only have the first few pages written on. Paper too thick, too thin; too big, too small; lines, no lines [I can't write straight to save myself] etc

yewenyi said...

they are excellent drawings, maybe you should publish a book or calendar or some such...

Erica said...

Hi Brenda, so nice to know I'm not the only one who goes through all that, I have some really nice, but very empty, journals.

Brian, thank you but I'm no where near the standard for book publishing, I'm just an amateur dabbler with lots of "how to" books that I'm working through.

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