Thursday, 13 January 2011

Back again

Not sure where I've been since May - I slipped into a pit, a cluttered deep and dismal pit, both physically and mentally. Won't bore you with all the details, but believe me it was easier to sit at the bottom of the pit for a while than try to climb out, and it is so hard to start blogging again after such a long break but I'm trying!

We've just spent the last two days with the TV on all day showing the devastation and heartache of the floods in Queensland.
I don't know how the people of Queensland will recover from this massive destruction, so much loss - of life, whole families lost, of homes, of pets and livestock and native animals, workplaces, neighbourhoods swept away.
It puts all our other worries into perspective.
ABC 24 hour news channel

There have been changes at home, husband's office has closed and he is working from home, not sure if I think it a good idea, every spare space (and there weren't many of those) is full of 'work' things, and it is too easy for him to keep working past when he should have finished for the day.

But the brightest little star in our personal heaven has been the safe arrival last week of our new grand daughter.


Sharon said...

Nice to see you back...

Christine said...

Nice to hear from you again Erica. I know what you mean about having husband's "underfoot". Mine worked from home for 3 weeks prior to another back surgery in early December, and is now recovering at home. It really throws your "routine" out doesn't it, I even feel guilty sitting around in house gown till lunch time when he's here. He's also now taken over a full room for his "hobby" of repairing vintage sound equipment, so couriers are delivering his Ebay purchases every 2nd day, LOL. And I thought I was the one with an expensive hobby? Not so !
Looking forward to more posts from you this year,

Erica said...

thanks Sharon, it's nice to be back

Christine, we should get our men together sometime, Tom sells electronic components and years ago he did the radio trades course at TAFE so they'd have a bit to talk about, they even have the back surgery in common!
At least if he has an expensive hobby he can't complain about yours LOL

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