Friday, 18 February 2011

The Dragon Boat - part 2

Next I needed to add an inner lining for the boat - somewhere comfortable to sit, after all it IS a boat, not a jet ski!

Dragon Boat

I made a type of pouch to fit inside the body - 

Dragon Boat

this next picture of the reverse shows the amount of top sewing that went into the fabric collage:

Dragon Boat

Again the opening was too soft to hold its shape and I had to create a channel to take a circle of aluminium sculpting wire so the opening would stay open.

Dragon Boat

and here it is being fitted into the body of the boat:

Dragon Boat

In the next post, I show how the head was attached and the finished boat.

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Hi, I like it!!

Erica said...

thank you!

Albusowner said...

This is so awesome! You've inspired me for some of my school textiles work!

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