Monday, 9 January 2012

Week 1 - Lacey the Dragon

I decided my first dragon should be something I'm familiar with, so I've used one of my own original patterns.
 Week 1 - Lacey the Dragon
Even so, it's been some time since I've made up this pattern, so I brought in The Watcher to make sure I did things right. He was made from the same pattern.
 Week 1 - Lacey the Dragon

 Week 1 - Lacey the Dragon

 Under his eagle eye, I used a finish that I've wanted to try on a dragon for some time - back in February 2011 I posted about adding scraps of lace and painting over them, a technique demonstrated by Margaret Talbot in Cloth, Paper Scissors magazine. (I might add that the doll in that post still doesn't have a head!)

 Week 1 - Lacey the Dragon

A few mistakes - first I wanted the dragon to be white - not a good idea to use a dark blue base fabric, it showed through a lot of the little lacy holes.

The doiley wings were soaked in watered down PVA glue to stiffen them.
My next mistake was to use old sewing pins to pin the doiley wings into folds while they dried overnight - the pins rusted in no time flat and by morning my lovely white wings had rust stains which I then had to cover in white paint.

Brushed on several shades of Lumiere paint and she ready for her first flight around the clothes line!

Week 1 - Lacey the Dragon

Week 1 - Lacey the Dragon 

Addendum to Lacey: One of my friends suggested that "Lacey" wasn't a highly original name - she even "hmph..ed" at it!!
I had to point out that Lacey was not her full title - 
she is the Lady Lacey Fabula D'Oiley...and m'lady was highly offended at being "hmph..ed" at.


Els said...

WOW, your dragon pattern is very (VERY) interesting !!!! (selling ?)
I think you have set yourself an enormous task: a dragon a week ....
Hope I see many more !
Good luck!

Mary Ann Tate said...

The lace certainly gives an interesting effect. It turned out wonderful in the end:)

Erica said...

thank you!
Els, I've sold my patterns at doll shows but haven't quite mastered selling on the net - this pattern is quite a few years old now and I would like to add more photos and maybe convert them to PDF, so stayed tuned!

magicmoonmusings said...

Your dragons are GORGEOUS!!! And the lace one adds fabulous texture - I can see dyeing/painting laces to give a scaly effect.

Erica said...

Marie, thank you, sorry I am just catching up to all the comments - like your idea of the scaly lace effects, I will have a play with that

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