Monday, 16 January 2012

Week 2 - Lycopersicon, the tomato red dragon

Week 2 - The tomato dragon

I was in the garden this morning picking tomatoes.
As I reached into the tomato bush, I felt a sharp little burn to my finger. "Ouch!" I yelled, as a small blister appeared.
"Oops, sorry" a little voice said, "I was just flaming some of your tomatoes for my breakfast"
She introduced herself as Lycopersicon, a little red dragon with a liking for tomatoes. 

Week 2 - The tomato dragon

I persuaded her to come in the house so I could take her photo with the Oxheart tomatoes my son had grown.
She said they were most impressive but she preferred the little cherry tomatoes which she could tuck comfortably under her wing. 
I noticed after she had left that there were quite a few of the little tomatoes missing.

Week 2 - The tomato dragon

The pattern is one I've made up several times now, it's very simple to put together.
The details have been lost but I think it was originally part of a kit from unfortunately it is no longer in their current online catalogue.

I've used commercial felt, and buttonhole stitched on the outside.  A friend recently saw the same pattern made in lycra on the machine and turned, I imagine it would be fiddly as the pattern pieces are really small, but could be interesting to try.


Mary Ann Tate said...

Very sweet little dragon....I wouldn't mind that nice big tomato right now...yum yum.

Sheeprustler said...

So cute! She must be Welsh, of course, all Welsh dragons are red :)

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