Monday, 2 January 2006

a nice fresh year

Glad to see the end of the silly season, each year I say I don't want to do "IT" but old habits die hard, and I finish up getting drawn in. The "day" is always stressful, too hot, to far to travel for lunch at whoever's, getting everyone organised, hitting the road far to early to avoid the traffic, sitting in miles of traffic with all the others who had the same thought, then worrying about getting back through the same traffic in time for the rest of the family to do their thing.

I'm always renewed and invigorated by a nice fresh year, but yesterday was a complete write off as the temperature in Sydney hit 45 degrees centigrade - that's 113 degrees Fahrenheit - a record for the hottest day in 67 years.
We hardly moved from the air conditioner all day. I've been updating my Gramarye pages - nothing to see there just yet, so was happy to sit at the computer.

And of course the inevitable bushfires, three houses lost in the area we had just spent the "day" in.

Last night a good old fashioned Sydney Southerly Buster came through (strong wind with a cold front from the Antarctic) so today it's back in the 20's with rain.

Nothing creative to show, I made three bead bracelets in December, mine broke a thread and spilled beads and the one I gave daughter for a solstice present, broke on boxing day (how's that for mixed religious metaphors)
I think the nymo wasn't strong enough, I've never trusted thread with beads.


Mo'a said...

Happy New Year. Having lived closer to the North Pole all my life, I tend to forget that my friends south of the equator suffer the heat this time of year.
Tell me how does Santa dress when he reaches your part of the world and does he change to camels as transport?

Erica said...

and a happy new year to you,
most Santa's seem to stick to the traditional red suit, but there are numerous children's days organised by different sporting clubs etc. and Santa arrives in variety of methods, for instance the parties run by surf clubs have him arriving by surfboard but still in his red outfit. Postcards usually show the sleigh drawn by kangaroos (which would be next to impossible in real life LOL)
there is a lot of fun Australian Christmas information on this site:

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