Friday, 9 December 2005

my new bookshelves

I've been quiet here for a few weeks because I've been sorting through my books - I decided I'd like to have all my books in the one place instead of scattered through each room and hidden away in boxes, it's all part of the bigger plan to declutter (hahaha)

I'd picked the bookcase I wanted from the Ikea catalogue but of course we couldn't just up and buy it without first inspecting every other bookcase in a ten mile radius and taking into consideration the thought that he could built one....he was eventually persuaded that it would be much easier and quicker to go to Ikea, I wish I'd taken the camera to record us picking up the 7' long boxes from the self serve and fitting them in the car..but we managed to get it home and assembled with a minimum of fuss.


Then the fun of loading it full of books, they came out from all their hiding places, (and this is only the books, not the magazines)
I phoned a friend who runs the book stall for a local historic house and quickly passed on seven bags of magazines and paperbacks to her before I had a chance to have second thoughts.

I had intentions of cataloguing the books as I shelved them, (that's my ex-library training) but it was all too slow, it was more fun just pulling them out and arranging them all.

And then catching up on blog reading I come across Linda's post on cataloguing books
I luv these blogs! - it's like calling in for a cuppa and a look at your needlework and now a browse through your bookshelves

(oh I nearly forgot to mention the first three rows were the original shelves, when he realised how many books I had, he quickly moved a light switch then went back to Ikea next day and bought the 40cm shelf which neatly fitted the last piece of wall - isn't he a good lad!)

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Anonymous said...

Oooooooh, I fantasize about a wall of books like that. And about living near an Ikea. Loooks great!!

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