Wednesday, 19 July 2006

Peter Pan sewing machine

I promised Chloe I'd show my sewing machines

Peter Pan sewing machine

This is the first of them, I had a similar one when I was about five years old but goodness knows where it finished up, not with me.

This one I bought at a trash and treasure market in the Blue Mountains about 4 years ago for AU$20 - it had a price of AU$25 on it and when I offered the money, the man selling it took off $5 because the handle was broken.
There is one currently on ebay for AU$275 (no bids)the ebay seller says it is Circa 1940.

The Needlebar says it was made by Colton, Palmer & Preston who operated in Adelaide, South Australia between 1842 and 1965.

Mine appears to be Model Type: Peter Pan Model 0 because it does not have embossed writing on the turn wheel, only the arrows as in the pictures on the above site.

sorry for the quality of the photo, not good snapping at night - might do another one.


Linda said...

What a stunning buy - it doesn't get much better than that. I have seen pictures of them, but have never seen one in the "flesh" so to speak.

Erica said...

it does get better (grin)
wait til I photograph the next one

Anonymous said...

Hi Erica - I didn't expect to see pics of sewing machines from the "Peter Pan" era.

I have one, model 1, and it sews!

My parents bought it for me, approx. 1949, when I lived in Sydney. Because my Mum was a sewer, she supervised the playsuits etc. that I made for our friend's kids.

I now have a 5yr old granddaughter, and I pulled it out recently, to see if it still worked. It sews perfectly!

Thanks for your pic - I'm interested to see the rest of them.


Karen said...

Hi Erica, I recieved a peter pan machine recently unfortunatly it is missing the bobbin and needle,any ideas of how to come across these thanks

Erica said...

Hi Karen, I'm sorry but I can't help you with that enquiry, you don't say where you are located but all I can suggest is contacting a sewing machine repair shop in your area, you might be lucky enough to meet one that has an interest in old machines

richell said...

I have just obtained a similiar machine but it has the "drive bar" missing. This is the bar that moves the needle up and down. Can anyone give me the measuments of the distances between the screw holes so that I can make one? Needle length also appreciated.

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