Thursday, 20 July 2006

purple scrumbles

I really love making crocheted scrumbles, a relaxing no-brainer way to occupy your hands while watching TV, but my problem is always what to do with them, they multiply so quickly and I've tried the full poncho approach and it is too much, visually overpowering and so heavy to wear (makes a good warm knee rug)

I had a nice little collection of purple-ish coloured pieces and put them together into a yoke, then had to come up with a body and sleeves for them.

I tried the diagonal/vertical cardigan II free pattern from Yarnexpress.
This is the picture from their site:

This pattern has a unique sizing method, the size is adjusted by adding vertical bands to the sides, after the shoulders are sewn together.

and this is mine:
Scrumbled jacket

I reversed the left and right fronts (made the left my right) so I could make use of the v shaping to fill in with the scrumbles.

In retrospect this wasn't a good idea, the front corners of the jacket droop, which I think is related to the corner shaping coming down to a point there, I can see the opposite corner as in the pattern would have held the shape a lot better.
(the front corners have actually curled back on themselves in this pic, taken before pressing)
This all sounds like double dutch but if you have a look at the pattern picture then compare way the rows of knitting fall to my picture it might make more sense.

Anyway the purple monster is finished and I've worn it to the local shops and didn't leave a trail of gaping mouths in my wake, so I guess that's a good sign.....or not...

Back view:
Scrumbled jacket

Scrumbled jacket

front view:
Scrumbled jacket


weavercherie said...

Erica that is a wonderful way to incorporate freefrom work and it looks so happy!
It will be really great to wear with just about anything.
I really like it.

Erica said...

thanks Cherie

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