Friday, 21 July 2006

Singer sewing machine model 66

Chloe commented on me getting the Peter Pan machine for $20 and said it doesn't get better than that...
but it does!

Several times a year our council has a cleanup and people put their junk out on the footpath for collection.

Daughter loves walking around checking out the piles of discards, but I always had reservations about going through someone's rubbish - dates back to my childhood when I went to "town" (Sydney) with my mother and she would delight in looking in the skips in the laneways behind the factories - I would huddle so embarrassed in the corner hoping no one would see us.

So one cleanup day, daughter said "knowing how you feel about going through the junk, I don't suppose you want to know about the old sewing machine in the next street"
we hi-tailed around there in record time, but I made her get out of the car and do the picking up,
(will have to work on getting over my delicate sensibilities)

The machine is a Singer model no 66 made in 1906

Singer sewing machine


Jo in NZ said...

Oh Erica, feel the fear and do it anyway!! I love the inorganic partner hates them. I have learned to become more selective over the years, as I found most of the stuff I collected just went out in my pile the next year....hmmm. Roll on October. Go to the more affluent suburbs to, they throw out great stuff.

Alice said...

My first sewing was done on a similar Singer machine. It was a treadle machine with three drawers on either side. As a teenager I made most of my clothes and those of my three younger sisters on it.

Linda said...

I have to admit I have even looked longingly at old electric Singers in throw-outs. And resisted. But it was hard.

Well done!

Lil said...

What a lovely machine- and what a great price! =)

I have a vintage singer featherweight and I love sewing on it. Such great nostalgic feelings come with these machines!

DellaB said...

Hello Erica ... what a beautiful site you have, thank you.

I have probably the same model Alice describes in the storage shed at the back of my house. It was my mothers and very much a part of my childhood life.

With a house full of kids in the depression years immediately following the end of the World WarII, that machine saw heavy duty!

thanks for the memory ...

Erica said...

thanks everyone, I learnt to sew on a treadle machine too

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