Thursday, 17 August 2006

Art quilts

Our exercise this month was colouring our background fabric with watercolour paints, I just loved this, watching the paints blend and merge.

Then we used real leaves to stamp images on the fabric using paint, and transfer rubbings done on paper or direct to the fabric, using transfer crayons.
I didn't really like the lack of control over the printing, some leaves were good, others just a blotch, so it was hard to do a few together and get a good 'run'

We were also encouraged to take leaf photos and alter them in photoshop,
I took a lot of decaying leaves in the garden


I had a great time altering the photos but the hard part came trying to depict that decay in fabric.

the first quilt was just using the paint and crayons:

art quilt exercise

Next I tried some tyvek, machined onto fabric, painted and melted with the heat gun.

leaf experiments

then some machine embroidering onto water soluble fabric (Solvy) and tulle. The green leaf has green wool in between two layers of Solvy. The top leaf was machined over thin florist wire and tulle.

leaf experiments

With the next hanging (don't think I can quite call it a quilt) I left the rough edges of the fabric, I quite like the shadowy outline of the leaves but am not sure about the binding at the top, might have to rethink that perhaps make it more narrow (it's still pinned)

art quilt exercise

then tried some free machining leaves onto cheesecloth and attached them to the top of the hanging

leaf experiments
art quilt exercise

The next poor quilt went very wrong:
I spent so much time on this, I wanted an open background, so ironed the cheesecloth onto freezer paper to give it body while I attached the bindings, then removed the paper and free machined the cloth and attached the leaves, of course this should have been done before the binding (ain't hindsight wonderful) because it went a little wonky, so I gave it a tug to straighten and tugged the cheese cloth right out of the binding! Gave up on this one after that.

art quilt exercise

This next is using the tyvek leaves, but once again they may not be staying so are just pinned on

art quilt exercise

I can't say that I'm happy with any one of these, I don't think with these classes you can take one exercise and say "that's it! I've finished"
I think they probably have potential but I look at them all as just being a jumping off point for further development, maybe something to come back to in the future.

It will be very interesting on Sunday to see how the rest of the class interpreted the theme.


Bonnie said...

I really like the Tyvek piece & the 1st cheesecloth piece.

arlee said...

I'd leave the edges much more organic and rough; i think a conventional binding is too "formal" for these pieces and at odds with the "decay" idea----could you just mount on a backing and let the edges do as they will?

Micki said...

These are some great organic pieces. I agree with Arlee that binding for these is not the way to go.

DellaB said...

Erica, I am sadly very un-arty, I think it has something to do with one or the other side of my brain.

But, I do know about classes, and I always think that what we are given in a class should be the tools, and, if you like, the rules; and nothing beats doing the actual work to discover the pitfalls and joys.

Your pictures are a joy to look at, thankyou again!

Brenda said...

Welcome to the Artful Quilters Web Ring! I like the way you have customised your blogspot and your leaf pieces look great.

Sandra said...

Whether each piece is a favorite for you or not, you have some great experimental pieces and lots of new ideas for future pieces. Wish I were looks like you had a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

Hi Erica
Teachers love students who 'run' with an idea, and I think Carolyn (whom I know) would be pleased with your leafy creations

Sheeprustler said...

There are some gorgeous ideas in those pieces and I have been thinking about doing some similar stuff. I love the mistiness and the organic approaches.

Frederique said...

Very beautiful work!

Erica said...

thank you everyone, I do appreciate your comments and am sorry I disappeared for so long without answering you, one of those times when life got in the way....I'm thinking of removing the binding on the cheesecloth pieces and perhaps using them on a background piece, since I made these we've gone ahead with more exercises and these pieces have become something to think about adding to later.

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