Sunday, 12 November 2006

Machine embroidery

wow, I can't believe how long it has been since I last posted - a gentle prod from Diane on the Artful Quilters webring has brought me out of hiding.
...and I wanted to thank everyone who has been commenting on the art quilts exercises, I do appreciate the suggestions and comments and I'm sorry I was away for so long without replying to you.

I read somewhere that if you stop blogging not to make excuses, just get into it again, so I won't tell you about husband having an angiogram and stents in an artery, or my computer virus which took me weeks to clean out, or daughters' stolen car, or sewing machine going in for an overhaul, instead I'll bring out a couple of small pieces I made after reading an article by Carole Redlich in 'Quilting Arts' magazine Fall 2005.

The background fabric was a collage of fabric scraps then machined over using the patterned automatic stitches on my machine, then the piece cut into smaller rectangles and reassembled.

machine embroidery
machine embroidery
machine embroidery
machine embroidery

I think these would make a good background for ATC's or fabric postcards, or incorporate into panels as Carole has done in the magazine to make a great looking bag.

I've also been playing with the beta blogger, doesn't look like blogspot is going to move any of us over in a hurry, I haven't decided whether to move over to it myself or stay here - I really like the ability to set categories and tag your posts.

...and I've finally worked out how PayPal works, so can now sell my doll patterns from my web site

Now I'm back I'll have more to show very soon as I've done a workshop with Effie Mitrofanis, and have been making a concertina book to hold some fabric ATC's for a friends birthday.

Forgot to also say daughter took my digital camera on holidays and liked it so much I don't have it back yet!!!
so it was a good excuse to buy another smaller model that I can slip in my purse, but I have to work out how to use it first.

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arlee said...

OOOOO i like those pieces! So textural and tactile and deeplooking------gah-geous!

Erica said...

thanks arlee

Sheeprustler said...

Oh WOW!!! What a simple and accessible idea, and how wonderful it looks!

Unknown said...

Arlee, these are so colourful and vibrant, just gorgeous!

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