Saturday, 16 December 2006

Planet Mb'lish - a little late night madness

Space, the final frontier.

After many light years traversing the cold darkness of space, the starship fleet of the Stash Enhancement Xpedition (S.E.X.) has boldly gone where no man has gone before, and is in orbit around the Planet Mb’lish

"I don’t like it Cap’n – our scanners are picking up strange life forms from the planet"

"We’ll have to risk it Scotty – Earth needs more Stash, we’ll orbit a little closer and send out a drone plane to a look at the surface"

"aye Cap’n, synchronizing planetal rotation now sir"

1 drone
2 drone

"Look at that landscape –we’ll be rich beyond the dreams of Averase Scotty"
"Aye Cap'n, that Averase was a greedy bugger"

3 landscape

4 landscape

"Hmm" mutters Scotty "if we live through it"

"Prepare to touch down!"

6 ship

5 ship

The two starships of the fleet land on the surface of the planet,

"It’s verra quiet out there Cap’n"

"Lieutenant – take a pod and check out the terrain....and Scotty, we’ll beam down to the surface, we’ll take two scutters with scanner beacons and see if we can pick up any trace of those life forms"

7 scut

"I don’t like it Cap’n, look at the mouth on that’s life, Jim, but not as we know it"

8 mother

"It’s OK Scotty, it has a young one with it, just protective that’s all – back away slowly"

9 mother

" Cap’n! I just received a message from the drone, the Lieutenant’s pod has been found ...empty....the drone is patching through some pictures...."

10 pod

11 pod

"’s not empty....what are those threads....they look like....Stash!!"

12 pod

"I still don’t like it Cap’n, look over there in that cave, they are just sitting.....watching us...."

13 watchers

"Look Cap’n! the scutters have located something big off the starboard bow"

14 strangelife

15 strangelife

"the scutters are down sir!!"

16 scut

"Back to the ship Scotty......beam us up NOW!!"

"Cap’n, our mission was to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new we’ve found them, can’t we just kill them?"

"Scotty what are you saying??!!"

"I wasn’t attempting to evaluate the moral implications, I just want to get out of here"

"Set up the magnetic shield and lock phasers on target"

"Cap’n, the shields are down, there is some kind of ball of thread heading toward the ship.."

18 thread

" Bridge to engine room, warp factor nine! "

" Ach! If I give 'er any more she'll blow Cap’n!"

" Scotty - bypass the energizer and give me inpulse power "

" Ye canna' change the laws of physics Cap’n - I've got to have thirty minutes for the auxiliary power or the engine imbalance will cause a worm-hole....

....It’s too late Cap’n!! the threads are all over the ship and the automation system is overloaded

17 thread


19 thread

The starships of the S.E.Xpedition were never heard from again.

Every 20 years, when the planetary orbit of Mb’lish brings it within transponder distance from Earth, a single signal is picked up…….an ancient morse code spells out the word S.T.A.S.H..elp…..


Meanwhile on the planet surface, the two little scutters have adapted to their environment and are spending the rest of eternity gambolling happily, engulfed in stash.




arlee said...

That is one of the most fabulous and funny entries i have seen anywhere! thanks for a great laugh ---and gorgeous pictures--this morning:}

Bonnie said...

Okay, now that was the funniest post I've read in a long time. And Planet Mb'lish is beautiful. Love the colors & textures.

Penny said...

Erica I love your story and the clever photos, I wondered what on earth the flinderia pods were doing there to start off with. Great idea and I love your backgrounds too.

Dot said...

I am still laughing after reading this post and looking at the related photo's. Fabulous idea!!

Wonderful fabric art displayed in a novel (and extremely funny way!).

He hee....

arlee said...

I'm sending people here to read this----can't get over the combination of humour and beauty :}

Erica said...

thank you ladies, nice to know those late nights watching Star Trek re-runs weren't entirely wasted :)

Grangry said...

Thanks for the laugh! And that is a lovely piece of work.........

Simon Haynes said...

I think you deserve to be tarred with the epithet 'loony'


DellaB said...

Hi Erica, stopped by to wish you a peaceful and happy Christmas - what a beautiful post, how clever and creative you are. THank you.

I see you've also made the switch to beta, well done!

Erica said...

thanks everyone, so glad it raised a smile,
Simon thanks for visiting, tarred with an epithet sounds uncomfortable (grin)

Dianne said...

What a fantastic post and the art work is fabuous, I too am sending this on to a lot of my friends..
I'm so jealous of all the fabulous pods you have in OZ love the pods..

Anonymous said...

I have been to planet stash, and come back with lots of stuff... you can have fun with "new lifeforms". Love the take off on Star Trek. It is my favorite scifi shows. Patty.

Erica said...

thanks :))

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