Sunday, 18 February 2007

erotic vegetables

..there, I knew that would catch someone's attention....

Back at TAFE –
Our tutor for the term had been a trendy young potter who came from the ‘politically active - statement making’ atmosphere of an inner city art college to the wilds of an outer suburbs TAFE (I even recall at one stage describing us as ‘suburban’ which didn’t endear him to us, I can tell you!)

He came up with the project of slip casting an erotic vegetable....

Us ‘suburban’ mature age students had got all that nonsense out of our systems years ago, back with giving birth and breast feeding.

Despite recalling episodes of Black Adder where Baldrick found an interestingly shaped turnip, I decided I would be unable to recognize an erotic vegetable if it bit me on the ankle.

The butternut pumpkin was the most phallic shape I could find at the fruit market without being arrested, I was told I was taking it too literally but my very naïve mind remained blank, so I stayed with making a cast of my pumpkin, then altered a couple of them (before and after?...see...literal) and then (according to tutor) spoiled the whole thing by painting rather nice swirly patterns on them.

Don’t care, I failed erotica 101 but I still like my painted pumpkins

slipcast pumpkin

slipcast pumpkin

slipcast pumpkin

slipcast pumpkin


Megan said...


Adds a whole new shade of meaning to "eat your greens" and being caught with spinach between your teeth!

At least the blue one is happy to see me - dear little uncircumcised thing.

Suzy said...

I like your stripey pumpkins - although to me they look like ducks - yep I've given birth and past menopause.....LOL

Erica said...

megan megan, what are we going to do with you, you cheeky miss

soozii, ducks? yes, I don't think you could make erotic connections either :)

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