Wednesday, 28 March 2007

weaving with textiles

Since my pottery days I've had an ongoing fascination with vessel shapes and find myself now translating them from clay to textiles.
Ever since I bought this book:

I've had a yen to try something like this:

so first made some cord by cutting up a light fabric into strips, twisting it into a cord-ish shape and running it through the sewing machine with a zig zag stitch

textile weaving

I first tried joining the strips with a traditional basket method as described in the book where the joining thread appears on the outside of the basket, but the appearance just wasn't working for me so I went to the next idea of using a sewing needle and hiding the joining stitches

textile weaving

textile weaving

As you can imagine it is a very slow process and I'm afraid I suffer from something called "want it finished NOW" ..... I kinda lost interest before it turned into a vessel, and it grew into a barnacle

textile weaving

textile weaving

I've started another in a different colour scheme, I might make this one a long term project

textile weaving

textile weaving

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arlee said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOI gotta try that!!!!!!!! Looks fabulous--colourway and texture and finished product!!!!

catsmum said...

that book looks fabulous but if I had it I'd still just be looking and dreaming. Kudos for actually jumping in and doing ... and acheiving such an interesting result [ and that 'interesting' is meant in a very positive way with no ironic shadings attached. ]

Erica said...

Arlee..try it, it's fun
Susan..I have so many craft books and I usually just look and dream, so decided it was time I started trying out some of the information, thanks for the positive 'interesting'... I've heard it before as in "oh, that's.......(long pause)...interesting" (big grin)

Dianne said...

I LOVE these. The "barnacle" has so much texture, and that coloured cord is so vibrant.

shula said...


når jeg bliver stor.... said...

love your work,
have been dreaming about that book for long i am convienced...have to have..


Anonymous said...

This is so stunning. I think I have to pick that book up. I have been spinning fabric strips on my spinning wheel for years but I want to try this new approach to creating form. Lovely!

Erica said...

not sure how I managed to miss the rest of the comments but thanks everyone,
cindie-loo, I haven't tried spinning fabric on the wheel, but will give it a try, thanks

fontainefleurie said...

I just read this post - I love the structure you has made with this simple form and by multiplying them it is gonna be art!

And this book looks very interesting.

I keep on reading the rest of your logs, regards Dorie

Erica said...

thanks Dorie

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