Thursday, 29 March 2007

ArtExpress at Newington Armoury

Each year the education department stages a display of high school artwork under the banner of Art Express, because of the volume of work, different pieces are shown at a number of venues. I usually find the works quite depressing and dark and full of teenage angst as another generation shows their emerging social conscience and awareness of world affairs, can't blame them for that, we've left them a pretty sad old world.

This year I went to see the works at Newington Armoury gallery in Bicentennial Park, Homebush, NSW.

The theme shown here was the environment and while our environment is not in the best condition, the works didn't have the usual bleakness about them.

I don't know what the art curriculum was but evidently all the schools were working along the same lines - a piece of artwork was produced then taken out into the environment and photographed in situ.

I apologize for not getting the artists names here and the quality of the photos, I wasn't using the right indoor setting on my camera.
This wasn't the complete collection, I don't think I was supposed to be taking photos, so was being very sneaky about it.

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