Wednesday, 12 September 2007

HMAS Brisbane 1913

HMAS Brisbane 1913, originally uploaded by gramarye.

My grandfather made this, he was a foundryman on Cockatoo Island shipyards, Sydney.
The centre is a threepence with the head of King George V inlaid in a cut out halfpenny reading Commonwealth of Australia 1913, then that was inlaid in what looks to be a round disc (not sure which metal) and a brass star pattern.
The writing around the disc reads
"HMAS Brisbane, keel laid January 25th 1913"

Grandpa had his own little hobby foundry in our backyard and I have a lot of brass work that he made.

HMAS Brisbane 1913


Anonymous said...

that is totally cool.

Reminds me that I still haven't taken pics of the cool things my grandad made in NG during the war - model plane ornaments and cufflinks and earrings, all out of spent shell casings and scrap metal. Apparently the crafty gang making this stuff got a write-up in the Women's Weekly, and naturally the brass put a stop to this egregious misuse of army property ...

Erica said...

hey, egregious misuse is what army property was for! my father used to make a lot of things from shell casings too, though some of the casings are dated 1950's, after the war, so goodness knows where he got them from...

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