Thursday, 13 September 2007

Our Bomb

Sion's comment on my HMAS Brisbane post reminded me that I also had bits and pieces my father had made from army shell casings, mostly cut down shells for containers and ashtrays, and he had made a few little things out of bullets, like this - it looks like a miniature shoe horn.


Most of the shells are stamped with a date in the 1950's - well after WW2 - so I don't know where he would have acquired the shells.

And then we have.....



Back when my son was in primary school, he came home one afternoon and I asked the usual parental question " what did you do today darling "
and he gave the usual child answer " nothing "
then he thought a moment and added " we got evacuated while the bomb squad came "

It seems that the little boy down the street from us had taken his grandfathers WW2 hand grenade to school for show and tell - no one knew if it was live, so when it was plonked on the teachers desk, naturally she freaked out a little.

Next day my son wanted to know if he could take "our bomb" but we decided the school had probably had enough excitement for that week.

As you can see, our bomb is not live, the top unscrews.

And coming to the modern armament era, we were given these from a currently serving officer on an Australian navy ship (he swore us never to reveal the names under the official secrets act)....but someone tell the hell do you get these off the ship in your kitbag!!



Anonymous said...

cool stuff. Your miniature shoe horn looks a lot like an antique earwax-scraping doohickey; I wonder if that's what it is.

Erica said...

yikes, I never thought of ear wax, had to try it for size and it does fit my ear...I'll have to research that one....

Erica said...

.....I should add it only went in the first outer part of my ear...kiddies do not do this at home...putting things in ears not a good idea....

Chaska Peacock said...

Erica, you own such marvelous things!
How can you not be doing assemblage?
If you ever, EVER, get tired of any of it, please let me know.

Erica said...

Hi Mai-Liis,
believe me, assemblage has been calling me for sometime - I'm going to have to give in to it soon, have just bought Michael de Mengs' Rusty Things book and am becoming very inspired....and you have no idea of the number of "things" waiting around our house....

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