Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Tuesday doll group

Some of my friends get together each second Tuesday to make dolls - I decided they were having far too much fun without me, so they kindly invited me to join them (well, I didn't really give them a choice!)
I haven't made a doll for about a year, but I did have some body parts lying around.
Ever since I made these journal covers after reading an article in Cloth, Paper, Scissors

covers for art journals

I've been wondering how it would look on a figure, so I've been sewing braids and laces onto this body:


what a long, slow job it is!
and I'm not sure how to handle the head and face - I think I might have her holding a mask


Dianne said...

Oh what a great idea!! If her body looks as fantastic as the journal covers, she will be a stunner!!!!

Erica said...

thanks Di, I have the arms on now, she is shaping up well

arlee said...

I wondered when i saw those curvaceous legs on Flickr, if you were going to give them the paint treatment--can't wait to see them :}

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