Monday, 15 October 2007

art journals on YouTube

Well now - why didn't someone tell me sooner about XP having Windows movie maker!
Another time waster -

I tried making a movie with my camera and playing a cd so they both recorded but that didn't go too well, I couldn't synchronize the music with the end of the movie so it just stopped cold

then I did another movie using some old scans from a travel journal I made a few years ago for my daughter to take on her first trip overseas, this time I added the music and discovered I could fade it in and out, so it's a slight improvement on the first.

I can see why people get hooked on these things - and done properly they can be a great way of showing your art - I've been looking on YouTube for dollmaking and textile work and there isn't half enough there to satisfy my new cravings.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, I didn't know about MovieMaker either. The rare times I do movie footage, I have always wanted to edit it but didn't want to mess with downloading new programs. Now I don't have to!

Erica said...

I tried a couple of downloaded free programmes but they seemed so complicated - MovieMaker was really easy to get started with

Robyn said...

Here is a visual journaller on YouTube that you MUST follow. She is great

Erica said...

thanks Robyn, I've just subscribed to Suziblu - she's a hoot!

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