Tuesday, 16 October 2007

our doll group takes a trip

One of the ladies in our little doll group moved up the coast from Sydney (about two hours drive - one of those hours taken up with just getting across Sydney to the freeway)
She always comes down to Sydney for our meetings but this time it was our turn to go to her place -
now tell me, just how much work do you think you would do living with this at your back door?


Anonymous said...

Hi Erica,
thanks for the comments about my reef. I hope that yours is growing apace. Do post pics so that we can all see it.

As for how much work I'd get done if I lived in this waterfront house?
Well, I've a proposal.....
Your friend rents us a room for 6 months.....
I dangle my toes in that beautiful water......
And at the end of it, we'll count the amount of stitches I've managed on one hand.....
It looks DIVINE.
I've a rainy, cold, grey Northern Ireland out of my window. Let's play swapsies.

Erica said...

Hi Inga,
I suggested the swap to my friend but she's English and has had enough of cold grey rain, that's the reason she moved to Australia!
I think you would get about as much work done there as I would..it was just heavenly

shula said...


I'd never leave the house again, that's for sure.

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