Monday, 29 October 2007

In the middle of the move...., I haven't even reached the middle yet. What an enormous job to move all my craft things out of one room into another. I'm sure it has all been quietly breeding in the dark recesses.

I have a couple of sets of drawers and shelf units and desks and a lovely old kitchen dresser which holds a ton of goods.

Everything involved emptying a unit..moving said unit then filling it again before I had room to empty the next one.

This was NOT the original plan, I was going to slowly go through everything before it was stored in the new room, but I simply have NO ROOM to do it that way.

Then in the middle of all this, I decided that because the kitchen dresser will be the first thing anyone sees when they walk in, it might be nice to touch up the scratches on the side with some fresh varnish.

As I started to rub them back, the old varnish just began flaking away, it is over 60 years old because it was in my aunts' kitchen all the years I was growing up, so I guess after that time you can expect to be a bit flakey (works for me!)

I finished up doing a little detour in the move, sandpapering all the old varnish off and giving it a couple of fresh coats...I am aching all over!

why do I START these things!!

still have to finish the doors, but I'm not tackling them til next week.

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Nola said...

Wow, Erica it's going to be fantastic, isn't it! Great job ob the dresser.

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