Monday, 26 November 2007

Charm swap

OK, enough griping about politics and the filthy rich, let's get back to what this blog was supposed to be about.

I'm taking part in a charm round robin with ATASDA, a textile group I belong to.
We've been divided into groups of nine, we each make a bracelet or necklace which will be circulated around our group, each of us adding a charm, so the completed piece will come back to us with nine charms attached.

It doesn't have to be a necklace, it's been suggested that the charms could go onto a windcatcher or candlesticks, whatever we like.

I've made a necklace foundation from beaded wire woven into a tube on a knitting dolly, it didn't turn out as smooth as I hoped because the beads were not easy to pull though the hole of the dolly.
Then I fed a ribbon necklace with clasps already attached, through the centre of the tube.
My charm is a small bottle with lace, beads and threads inside.

charm swap

I'm feeling a tad inadequate after I saw a couple of the other necklaces that have been posted to the groups yahoo site.....
hmmmm....I still have four days to come up with something else....

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