Monday, 26 November 2007

elections over

...and I'm reading jubilation on all the Australian blogs I follow - had no idea I was hanging out with such a big group of lefties! isn't anyone owning up to voting liberal..


Megan said...


Ha! I am feeling positively bolshie these days.

I see Rudd is planning to say "sorry" - that'll be a nice start.

Had a ferocious arguement with husband on election night after he told me I didn't understand ecomomics. No honey, those 12 years I spent in the funds management industry taught me nothing. And oh - did I mention my double major at University in History and Politics? But please - give me the benefit of your insightful comments channelled from the great mind of Alan Jones again? Grrrrrr......


Erica said...

haha, send husband over here, he and my other half can cry in their beers while they listen to Jonesy, I've been getting lectures on the mess Keating made of the economy and how it's all going to happen again...I just don't know how I feel about them getting in... I don't particularly like Rudd (even if he does look like Hiro Nakamura VBG) but I am very glad that he has promised to withdraw troops from Iraq..I'm not red, more a nice shade of green

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