Saturday, 26 January 2008

Your father I am not, young Luke

Your father I am not, young Luke, originally uploaded by gramarye.

you can tell I've been having a lazy afternoon,
playing with my toys and special effects


Christine said...

Hi Erica, glad to catch up with you. I've had a "nothing" day too, I'm SUPPOSED to be making patterns for Parramatta Heritage Centre for convict women's clothes for an exhibition, but if you've read my blog, you'll know I've been practising my Black Belt in Procrastination all day, LOL. Must be the bit cooler weather taking effect, VBG. Loved the penguins by the way, hope we might see you at a Linnwood day soon,

Sarah E. said...

Hey! That's the Baby from Dinosaurs...where'd you find him?? I LOVE those films and have two of them that I bought about 17 years ago "for my daughter" (really for me, but I LET her watch them!!). I still have them and still watch them periodically!

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