Wednesday, 13 February 2008

what's been happening

Has it really been that long since I made an entry?
I've wasted so much time this last month, not content with joining just one photo a day group on flickr, I've also joined a monthly scavenger hunt group.
I've spent weeks wandering around with camera in hand, looking at everything as a photo opportunity, then downloading the 50 photos I've taken of the one thing and worrying which I should's all getting out of hand.

here's one from my scavenger hunt - we had to find onion photos - do you know how hard it is to stand in the supermarket, whip out the camera and take a photo of the onions.....I'm fast becoming the eccentric old lady I always wanted to be.
I'm also trying to teach myself to use photoshop, so I've added some layers to this.

MSH onion

What's been happening in sunny Sydney these past couple of weeks....rain, that's what, this is our driveway, with the water nicely dammed (damned!) by our neighbours lawn.

#37/366 a photo a day - summer storms

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