Monday, 18 February 2008

May Gibbs exhibition

#48/366 May Gibbs exhibition, originally uploaded by gramarye.

We went for a drive across Sydney to visit the "Inspired by May" exhibition at North Sydney Library by the members of the Australian Textile Arts and Surface Design Association (ATASDA)

I submitted two little pieces of work (my earth spirits) for the exhibition and also took part in the collaborative banner, 25 sections worked by 25 members of ATASDA.

My square in the banner is on the top row, 2nd from left.
If you remember my banner it started off
here like this:

#14/366 A photo a day - needlefelt

There's another photo of the banner on the ATASDA website where you can click on each square to see an enlarged picture
Inspired by May banner

The photos are not great as I took them through glass without the flash:

May Gibbs exhibition

May Gibbs exhibition


Kyra said...

What a great installation piece!

Best, Kyra

Erica said...

thanks Kyra, it was great to be involved with the exhibition

sionwyn said...

oh hey, I saw this when you posted it & loved it (bad lurker!). I am having a ball with the embellisher, but I suspect I won't be doing anything so clever for a while yet heh.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting. Thanks for the pictures.

Annica said...

Hi Erica,
I have given you a "Sweet Home Blogger Award" over on my blog.
I will understand if you do not have time to pass this award on! None the less, I wanted to give the award to you so you knew how much I enjoyed what you do!

Anonymous said...

Hi erica - Ive just given you the same award as Annica! I was going to write a comment along the same lines as hers - I am glad i found your blog

Erica said...

thanks for the comments everyone, I'm sorry I've neglected my blog for so long and haven't answered you, and Annica and Paula, thank you for the awards

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