Tuesday, 22 July 2008


I've been unwell, it seems to be winter lurgy time in Sydney, so haven't felt like doing much but cruise blogs.

Since the tiles fell off the kitchen wall (oh about a month ago now...) I've been thinking new kitchen/renovations... and have become totally hooked on decorating blogs.

I think it's just the natural sticky beak in me - I love looking at other people's houses, driving at night I peer into uncurtained windows, not wanting to catch anyone 'in flagrante' as it were, but just to look at their rooms, keeping in mind that apart from distracting the driver, you can be probably be arrested for things like that, I should just stick to the decor blogs.

One of my favourites is Desire to Inspire a joint effort between Jo in Australia and Kim in Canada (I hope I've got that right) They are very prolific posters and there is always something new to see, as well as their links list.

At the moment I'm torn between basic white (check out the white tag on their blog)

which is all very clean and fresh and nordic looking (not at all like my own cross between Victorian clutter and objet d'craft)

or colour

wild coloured upholstery from Squint

or white and colour

or maybe just all colour

and the little girl in me wants this from Kidsfactory


Jackie said...

I think I like the electric gypsyland best but white is a good starting point for textile clutter!

Anonymous said...

oh man, my daughter would be in heaven with that room. It wouldn't be indulging my own inner little girl at all if I created something like that for her ...

Jackie said...

I thought I'd already left a comment here...I love the colour..but then I would.
Just replying to your flickr comment ..I have melted the handle but I have no idea how. I think its a combination of lack of space and iron on vilene!

Judy H said...

having just done some "downsizing" and knowing I will be needing new couches, etc in the next year or so, I too am thinking about what I want. White is out for me, but do I want to play it safe and neutral or go wild and go with color. I guess what I will have to focus of is how do I want the room to "feel" and I think, while I would love to go really, really colorful (love those pics by the way) I want my rooms to be more peaceful and comforting. But looking at those colorful couches and chair I might have to rethink that plan.

Erica said...

sorry ladies, I changed the settings and forgot I had to log in to approve the comments which is why Jackie thought she'd already commented,
I really love the coloured walls but having just repainted a bedroom that was a deep plum I've realised how many coats of paint it takes to cover colours!
The bedroom is now white and I still love the way I can swap bedspreads and wall hangings without clashing with walls.

Anonymous said...

Very nice!! I too wish for such a beautiful home.

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