Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Charm swap

Message in a Bottle

Imagine a deserted tropical island.

The clear blue water laps at your feet as
you watch silver crests of waves breaking.

The fish you caught is slowly cooking on the
golden sand and you quench your thirst with
coconut milk.

You write a help note on handmade paper and
seal it in a bottle decorated with silver wire and
beads that tone with the cool sea.

(Well after all, who would want to be
shipwrecked without their stash!)

You cast the bottle into the sea and hope
for rescue
.......or do you?

IMG_5557 copy

The last of the charm swap organised by the ATASDA textiles group.
This was Claire's necklace and as you can see she asked that we be inspired by the blues and greens of the sea - as it was the last I had to work on I thought I'd have some fun and imagine being marooned with my stash on a desert island (my husband would say I already am - my island being my sewing room - he makes sure I have a steady supply of coffee instead of coconut milk)


The charm swap has been a challenge and although I've enjoyed it, I'm really glad we've finished!

All of the work from the swap will be included in the ATASDA display at the Palm House Gallery, Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney, 14 - 26 August 2008.
There were several groups involved, not just the 8 people in my swap, so it will be a great display.

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