Thursday, 2 October 2008

three fat fairies

#272/366 three fat fairies, originally uploaded by gramarye.

This was one of my photo a day snaps - taken at a friends place, I have my friends well trained now after nearly a year of daily photos, when I go visiting they all delight in finding something for the photo.

This photo a day project has been an interesting record of the year but there have been many days when it's been a chore - it's distracted me from a lot of other things I should have been doing, I've spent far too much time looking for things and places to photograph.

It's been interesting to see how others in the group have tackled the project, some are really good photographers and must also spend hours on this - others just snap whatever, some live in interestingly photogenic places and some even seem to have LIVES!!
...and far too many of them have cats.....

It's also taken my photo stream here a long way from what I intended it to be when I joined Flickr, it was just to be a showcase for things I liked making, but now it's also things I like to photograph.

End of this year I'll have a big clean up of my photostream and toss the trash...just wish it was that easy in my sewing room

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