Sunday, 28 September 2008

Sewing machines and clutter

I've been neglecting this blog - since finishing the charm swap and my fabric book, I've gone into a bit of a creative slump.

From my long time reading of other blogs I know I'm not alone, I'm really surprised sometimes at the people who write about losing their inspiration because they are usually people who I consider to be up in the top of the creative crowd.
It passes for them and I know it will pass for me.

Meantime we have been clearing out my in-laws house, both have now passed away and the family is getting ready to put the house on the market. Months worth of weekends have been spent sorting and sorting, sis-in-law has handled much of the house part but it's fallen to my husband to clear his fathers workshop.

If there was ever a lesson to be learned about not hoarding clutter then we should have learnt it well and truly by now....but of course, who ever learns....we have boxes and boxes piling up at our house, and I've been squirrelling away rusty tools and interesting metal bits for future assemblage - which husband says I'll never get around to doing, maybe he knows me better than I think he does.

I've also decided that the family tree has to be written up once and for all - I've worked on this blasted tree for about 20 years accumulating more dead people than Rookwood cemetery, it's time to put it all in writing and give it to the family (who of course will be just rivetted to receive it !!)

That's my plan for the end of this year - then bring on 2009!

We visited an historic house recently which has been putting together a nice little collection of sewing machines:

vintage sewing machine
Bebarfald's Blue Bird
Bebarfalds was a retailer of home furnishings and manufacturer of furniture, trading for many years from their landmark location opposite the Sydney Town Hall on the corner of George and Park Street. Established about 1852 and best remembered for their Bebarfald-BlueBird sewing machines, introduced in 1927.
Elegant timber cabinets made at Bebarfalds' furniture factory concealed British-made Vickers sewing machines, giving the impression of a substantial piece of furniture that would sit in harmony with other home furnishings. Bebarfalds offered customers free dress making courses.

vintage sewing machine
Barkly sewing machine
I haven't been able to find out anything about the Barkly - if anyone has information please leave a comment

vintage sewing machine
Usha sewing machine
from what I've been able to find - USHA is an Indian company started in 1957 and is still making hand operated machines very similar in shape and design to the one in this picture.
There is not enough background on their web site to pin down exactly when this machine was made.


arlee said...

oh those are SO pretty! i love my aqua Piedmont from the 60's too :}

Erica said...

Your Piedmont is lovely and it sounds as if it sews like a dream

Del Wratten said...

Just wanted to give you notice that I have referenced to your blog in my listing on Esty of a Bebarfald's Bluebird sewing machine. My listing is at

Thanks for the background info on Bebarfald's

Erica said...

thanks Del, good luck with the sale

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