Monday, 6 April 2009


salvaged bag, originally uploaded by gramarye.

The Generation X'er broke the zip on her cooler bag - "I'm throwing this away mum, DON'T get it out of the bin"
"But it's still GOOD..." says the Baby Boomer mother

and so it was, once the zipper was removed, and the flap lid cut off and the outside patchworked.

and I've got a little carry bag for my little projects.


Corryna Janssen said...

Lovely bag!

rafaela tomazzoni said...

Erica, congratulations for your wonderful work. Take a look on it in my blog

Erica said...

Corryna, thank you
Rafaela, that was so nice of you to feature me on your blog, thank you, I loved it!

tangled stitch said...

It's delightful! Great bag to bring to the grocery and it's beautiful too.

Christine said...

Yes, definately a Baby Boomer thing to do. My DD#2 was helping to "sort out" the spare room, I had to practically tie her hands behind her back to stop her throwing out all my treasures!! Gen Y is such a throwaway one, isn't it? Love your ideas on this one a lot.

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