Saturday, 28 March 2009

Voyages of the Imagination

The textile group that I belong to has decided on a theme for their show next year.

"Voyages of the Imagination - journeys travelled or imagined into illusion or reality, resulting in exploration, questioning, challenge perceptions of reality - speculate and discover stories and techniques on a travelled journey limited only by your imagination"

Doesn't that sound fun!

This used to be a yearly show but has just gone to every second year, I've taken part in several of their smaller challenges but never the 'big' show, it always seemed to come around too quickly, so I thought, as I have the rest of this year to work on it, I'll have a go (of course that doesn't mean it won't come around just as quickly - or that my work will be accepted)

I am heavily into fantasy worlds with my reading so I started skimming a few books, as well as skimming the internet, all in the name of research I keep telling the family.

I landed on a name generator site and discovered that I am really Queen Silvercold of Elencia, which took my fancy.

Elencia sounded vaguely familiar so I thought I should google it and not step on anyone's toes if it is being used.
On the Urban Dictionary site I found that 'Elencia is the rumoured nightmare/psychological "happy place" experienced in a coma'- well, that threw me for a moment (only a moment) and then I decided why not, sounds good to me.

I've decided on two directions of work.
First I need a means of travel to get to my happy place, so a boat sounds in order, to be heavily inspired I think by James Christenson.
Then I need a journal for the voyage:
either the "Expeditionary Journal of Queen Silvercold"
or "A Field Guide to the Flora and Fauna of Elencia"

With the field guide in mind I started this piece:


I'd picked this up at a remnant sale simply because I like the gathers which reminded me a little of shibori, it's some kind of elasticised synthetic, maybe it can be distorted and painted to colour that awful green.


Then I tried a few leaves and shapes with free machining on water soluble Solvy plastic, then painted them.

free machine free machine

I made a cord by zig zagging thick rug wool, and draped it over my 'shape' - haven't decided just what it is yet - who knows what strange fungii grow in Elencia.
Then I tried to crochet some leafy bits to the cord.
In retrospect it would have been easier to add all the pieces to the cord before fastening it to the shape, but that is what hindsight is all about.


So here is the first trial piece for the Field Guide, I just have to be careful where I keep it, I have a feeling this is the sort of plant that spreads.




Mal* said...

These pictures and descriptions of your process are not only inspirational, but also gorgeous! So glad you are sharing them.

Corryna said...

I love this! So bright and full of structure. Wonderful.

arlee said...

OMG Erica! Now that i see how this piece came about and why, i am even more in love with it! So exotic and saturated, i'd say that Queen Silvercold must be on a tropical voyage to warm up :}

Anonymous said...

this is wonderful. so exciting. im looking forward to following your progress on this

Micki said...

Wow! This piece is amazing. Looking forward to seeing more.

fontainefleurie said...

this is a real stunning, mega make-over of a dull piece of fabric. Now it is a living thing and yes will it grow to more...?

Pubdoll said...

This is so beautiful! Love the colours!
A place where such structures grow, must surely be a happy place!

Christine said...

I never cease to be amazed at people's imaginations Erica, I look forward to seeing more. BTW I haven't forgotten I owe you a parcel, still gathering "bits" for you but nearly ready to deliver it, LOL.

Erica said...

thanks everyone, I'm really having fun with this so am very glad you enjoyed seeing it

Christine thanks, we'll catch up soon, I know you've had a lot happening lately

Jackie said...

It just grew , picture by picture, into something amazing!

Unknown said...

fabulous colour and texture!

Anonymous said...

thats amazing, I'm going on a voyage through passages of intrigue as well - but I haven't started yet! Still deciding where to go (& how etc)

Robin Olsen said...

Wild and luscious!

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