Sunday, 29 January 2012

Week 4 - The Brat!

This week I was attempting to tidy my sewing room when I noticed a small purple dragon lying on his back amongst the cottons and watching me. 

 The Brat
"Wat’cha doin'?" he asked. 
"Just packing some tools away" I replied.  
He examined my heat gun and soldering iron with some disdain, "I could flame holes better than these things" he said, as he turned them on and waved them around. 

I grabbed the tools away as the nap on some velvet started to smolder. 

He darted under the table and started shuffling through boxes of material. 

I heard him muttering about "what is she doing with all this stuff - more material here than a dragon could burn in a lifetime".

Just then he found the box with my miniature patchwork and as he grabbed a small hexagonal quilt, I heard him gasp “WANT! WANT!”

 The Brat
 The Brat

“You can’t have it” I said, “ it’s not finished” 

“None of your stuff is finished - FINISH NOW!” he demanded as small flames spurted perilously close to a pile of organza.

“Put it down and get out” I said.

 The Brat

He glared at me, smoke pouring from his nostrils.

“Lisssen here” he hissed  “I’se been reading that George Raymond Richard Martin”

(I was impressed that he knew the authors’ full name, but then dragons live for centuries, they have a lot of time to fill) 

those dragons BURN villages – you want me to burn your village??” he looked threateningly at my miniature streetscape.

 The Brat

“Fine Fine” I yelled “I’ll FINISH the quilt for you”

 The Brat
 The Brat

I glimpsed him outside later, snoozing in the alyssum with his quilt firmly clenched under his chin.

 The Brat

I've changed the batteries in the smoke alarm just in case The Brat decides to come back.

This is my original pattern, the same used for Lacey (week 1). The dragon body was made in plain cotton, then painted with gesso and crumpled tissue paper was glued on the gesso to produce a crinkly skin. He was then painted in purple acrylic and brushed over with metallic Lumiere.

 The Brat
 The Brat
 The Brat
 The Brat

THE CHARACTER OF THE BRAT was loosely (and lovingly) based on a friend’s grandchild – she knows who she is! LOL (to date grandchild hasn't burnt any villages but give her time!)


Tat said...

Your dragon looks beautiful!

Carolyn Dube said...

The dragon is stunning. I had an absolute blast reading your post today - so playful!!!

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

What a fun post...I laughed as I read about the amount of fabric you had on hand as well as unfinished projects. Sounds like me! Looking forward to visiting again and seeing more dragons!

pauline said...

Amazing what you can do with cotton!!! THanks for showing the steps. Fun story too... your dragon is awesome! xoxo

carol l mckenna said...

very creative and fun post ~ love the 'Brat' dragon ~ well done ~ namaste, carol (A Creative Harbor) linked with CED

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this post. Even though I would never be able make anything like it, I appreciate the tutorial and fun post. BTW, I would like to have as much fabric as you seem to have (grin).

Tracey FK said...

I am sooo thrilled to have found you through CED... I loved your photo essay and the story of brat and it made me smile... hope that dragon isn't giving you any more grief...if he does I would be taking that quilt back off the cheeky bugger xx

Unknown said...

what a cute story! Your dragon is wonderful, loved seeing the pics in progress.

Sheeprustler said...

Love it! And I don't blame him for wanting the quilt, it complements him perfectly :)

Erica said...

thanks everyone, I'm sorry I haven't been keeping up with replying to your lovely comments, these dragons have me running in circles, but I do appreciate everything you've said

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